Jan Freeman in Tomorrow’s Queen of Cups


Jan Freeman is the founding editor of Paris Press whose mission is to ‘publish groundbreaking yet overlooked literature by women’. Freeman is the author of three poetry collections, one of which was nominated for the National Book Critics Circle Award. Her fourth collection Blue Structure, published by Calypso Editions, will be out in July. Queen of Cups will feature three poems from Blue Structure in Issue Six, tomorrow.

From An Accounting

“When the meal ended, you presented a brief statement on geography
and the value of proximity.
Inside the florescent ringing of the empty Chinese restaurant,
I recited the names of birds that gather beneath the feeder beside my house.
An unexpected sadness rooted itself under my skin
tenacious as the quills of a porcupine.”


Shaindel Beers in Tomorrow’s Queen of Cups

authorpic.jpg  Poet Shaindel Beers

Issue Five of Queen of Cups goes out to subscribers tomorrow. Here’s a little taste of the goodness to come!


“The male poet says, Remember

the sexy poems you used to write? You’re not
writing mommy poems now, are you? I want
to tell him even my mommy poems are too sexy

for him, especially too sexy. I know because
the tongues that have flickered over my C-section
incision have told me.”

from I am Not a Narrative for Your Entertainment by Shaindel Beers