Every year around this time, just when I can’t fathom why I live in one of the coldest parts of the country, I take a little ramble. When I headed out this morning it happened to be 12-degrees, ideal conditions for a little circular thinking, but I subverted that- like the trickle of water beneath the very solid-looking stream. Plus, I had my camera. If you’ve never experienced an early morning walk through woods and fields in a breezy 12-degrees (fahrenheit), here are a few photos to conjure the experience. I’ll add some ‘audio’: trees crack, pop, moan and cry at this temperature, as though they’re about to fall down on your head, the stream, which appears utterly solid is running beneath all that ice and its thin trickle gives you hope that the world hasn’t frozen over completely, a strong wind in the tops of trees in a quiet wood is a beautiful sound.



Twelve Degrees

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