Vintage Polish Letters; A Mystery (of Sorts)



I came across a nice hefty packet of vintage letters at a nearby antique/junk shop yesterday. This envelope was the first writing I saw, that coupled with the reasonable price of $8 kept me from rifling through the rest. But when I got home I was disappointed to find all the letters were written in, what I guessed to be, either German or Polish (you see my linguistic limitations). To add insult to injury, these letter-writers were prolific, filling four to five pages with fairly neat handwriting. This morning I took my haul to google translate and at least learned that the letters are indeed written in Polish (I guess I’m not too bad after all) and all were addressed to a Karolina Waryjasz. Two of them beginning: “Dearest daughter” and “Dearest sister”. Some appear to hail from Poland, others are from New Jersey. A few things mentioned, according to google translate: Jesus Christ, a hundred bucks, sadness, and moving house. Short of hiring a Polish translator or signing up for language lessons, I’m at a dead end. Does anyone know of software that can translate an image of a letter? Probably a long shot. 

I’m including photos of one letter in its entirety. Any readers out there who are fluent in Polish might take a crack at it and let me know what you discover. I’m, as usual, curious.






2 thoughts on “Vintage Polish Letters; A Mystery (of Sorts)

  1. What a gorgeous find! It’s definetely Polish, albeit very simple, written by rather poor people from rural area (I can’t really tell from which region). A brother describes to his sister a newly built cottage, some photos he took of himself, his family and their house (he was able to have them taken because she’d sent him a dollar for it) that were probably attached to this letter and, finally, how their mother divided the family property in her last will. Could you sent me scans of the remaining letters? (
    Best regards

    • Jacek, Thanks so much for translating some of the letters. I put them up at least a year ago and no one has responded.
      I don’t have a scanner right now, but I could take good photographs and send them if you’d like.

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