Library Love



If you’re a writer, book lover, or both, chances are you’ve spent a fair amount of time in libraries. We’re lucky here in New England in that most of our libraries are still housed in their centuries-old buildings, albeit with new wings and appendages to accommodate growing populations. I don’t think I could patronize a library located in a strip mall or a double wide trailer. And I’m not being a book-snob here, it’s just that atmosphere matters. I would hazard to guess that many library lovers and multiple card holders also love the feel of old libraries, the distressed wood of the stacks and the feeling of being cosseted by books while also set loose on a vast store of relevant and irrelevant information, curiosities and lost knowledge. Ever peruse a dictionary from the mid 1800s? One of those tomes you could use for a step stool? The amount of words that have fallen out of use could fill an average-sized dictionary. Here in western Massachusetts our libraries are on the C/W Mars system, which connects libraries throughout the central and western parts of the state. I can own a card at one C/W Mars participating library and instantaneously become a member of every other participating library. As a collector of libraries and library cards, this seems almost like cheating. The photos below of stunning libraries are guaranteed to make your heart beat a little faster. Perhaps in a future post I’ll give a little photo tour of libraries I frequent or have visited in my neck of the woods. Enjoy.

Image  Image

Image  Image  Image  Image  

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