Diary Book Cover Sneak Preview


The cover! All who have followed my postings of Esther Small’s diary excerpts will be happy to know that the full 1886 transcribed diary will be going off to the printer any day now. This slim book will include my introduction and afterword detailing the process of transcribing the diary and researching Esther and her family. I also put Esther’s personal writing in the context of other 19th century women’s diaries. This is intended to be a companion, of sorts, to Church of Needles as the diary and Esther’s story inspired an entire section of poems in the voices of Esther and her family, as well as a fictional tangent based on a real giantess who lived in Esther’s town during her lifetime. The diary will be available for sale at my readings and perhaps on my Etsy site. Church of Needles can be purchased now through Red Mountain Press and on Amazon.

I have to thank the team at Small Batch Books in Amherst for their great work on the diary, from copyediting and cover design to top notch advice. They’ve impressed me every step of the way.

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