Book Launch Fun


Yes, those are pink streamers, garland and Christmas balls. There were sparkly lights too but I was distracted and didn’t get a photo of them. My book launch decor was a combination of barn dance, rustic wedding and maybe summer camp farewell party all thrown into one. But it was the audience of women who made the night for me. A group of the sweetest, smartest, craftiest and most enthusiastic listeners I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading to. This is not an exaggeration. My audience was stellar! To look out and see women listening and knitting (this was an artsy craftsy retreat after all) just seemed so fitting. Besides celebrating the publication of my debut poetry collection Church of Needles, I was also introducing the heartbreaking Diary of Esther Small. I read several poems from a series in the collection inspired by Esther’s diary and received a thoroughly thoughtful response and questions. I’m most grateful for the genuine kindness that flowed my way from this audience. It was palpable. Thank you ladies!

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