12 thoughts on “Summer Solstice; Morning Til’ Night

    • Karon,
      most of the work is done by volunteers I believe. I’m not sure who did the bulk of the planting in the beginning, but it’s maintained by volunteers now. It really is a beautiful feature in the town, so peaceful to walk across.

  1. Thanks for replying Sarah, I come from England, not far from London in the county of Sussex. I’m gardening mad and read your piece on English gardens. There are plans to build a large garden bridge across The Thames. Such a great idea. Your part of the world looks beautiful. Not the usual view of American front lawns with their plain grass and little jockeys, please excuse my ignorant generalisations!

  2. Karon, you’re excused. There are a lot of plain grass and little jockeys in certain areas of the country, suburbs mostly, but New England has a lot of gardeners and garden lovers in the English, cottage garden tradition. Nice to connect with someone so far afield!

    • If your ever over the pond Sarah you really should visit Sissinghurst Castle in Kent, the epitome of the English Cottage garden created by Vita Sackville-West a writer like yourself. Of course one of the ones to mention is Great Dixter in East Sussex. Both gardens with sectioned walled areas each one a separately themed colour palette. I have what we call “allotments” in this country, large plot of land sectioned off into individual plots for vegetable growing. I’m surrounded by many Italian elderly gentlemen who’s allotments are abundant in produce as well as flowers and lots of good advice! I don’t envy your winters but us English do love to moan about the slightest sign of frost! Love your site Sarah.

  3. Thanks for these suggestion Karon. All sound familiar from my extensive English garden reading! I don’t like the winters either and I was born and raised here. We tolerate them:)

  4. These are so beautiful Sarah! I love the first one! The head gardener on the bridge is Carol Delorenzo, and she has a crew of volunteers. She works on the bridge in the early mornings.

    • Thank you for the info. Christina. Carol should be applauded for the great work. The bridge always looks so beautiful and peaceful. I think it’s the biggest draw in Shelburne.

  5. I just have to say how beautiful your work and pictures are… I am a fan of you and Ray… I am 30 years old and feel as if I am an old soul… While my friends listen to the horrible pop music on the radio and read books that aren’t quite books…I think and feel differently. You capture the beauty of nature and life in your pictures and poetry. I always think about a quote that says “to feel this deep is a curse as much as a blessing” but to listen to Rays music and read your beautiful poems and look at your beautiful pictures.. I see you both appreciate life through the same eyes as me… It’s nice to think there are others out there with my mind ;).. I also live in MA and appreciate the beauty from out west! .. Best of luck to both of you…Thank you Sarah!

    • Victoria,
      Thanks for your kind words, and thank you for supporting art and artists. Sadly, we don’t live in a culture that seems to appreciate the arts as it once did. People have declared poetry dead for decades, but we poets are still here, still writing; And always pleased when someone listens!

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