Sylvia Plath’s Black Telephone and Tarot Book, ooohh


The Poetry Foundation blog has a great article on Sylvia Plath artifacts by David Trinidad. This is just the kind of obsessive poet-worship I could get into, a combination of historic research and hours spent on Ebay searching for stuff no one else wants. Also a great window into the life of poets (albeit two extremely talented and successful poets) of the time; they paid for a car on poetry prize winnings! After Emily Dickinson, Sylvia Plath was my meat and bread. To be that powerful and controlled through words became my goal. If only she had lived longer and left us more. I love these words to her mother after receiving a book on tarot from Hughes for her birthday: “We celebrated my birthday yesterday: he gave me a lovely Tarot pack of cards and a dear rhyme with it, so after the obligations of this term are over your daughter shall start her way on the road to becoming a seeress & will also learn how to do horoscopes, a very difficult art which means reviving my elementary math.”


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