Poetry Reading, Thursday July 3rd

ImageBridge of Flowers, Shelburne Falls, MA

If you’re in the western Mass/southern Vermont area on Thursday July 3rd, drop in at Mocha Maya’s on Bridge Street (which is the main thoroughfare). I’ll be reading, along with poet Neil Shepherd at 7pm. Caffeinated drinks will be available before and after the reading, not during: the space is intimate, the espresso machine loud. Come early and take a stroll on the above Bridge of Flowers and a walk down to Salmon Falls where you can see the glacial potholes. You’ll just happen to pass Lindsay’s Emerald Store and Confections. I was only in long enough to buy three of her famous Grammy’s Cream Puffs, so I can’t speak about emeralds, but there were plenty of confections in sight, and oohh the cream puffs! There’s the standard vanilla, the filling of which seems to be a mixture of real whipped cream, vanilla pudding and something made in heaven. She offers a couple flavors of the day and, of course, ice cream filled cream puffs! Shelburne Falls has also become something of a movie-making Mecca which, for us locals, means a lot of hassle when you need a gallon of milk. Kate Winslet, Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall have all walked the streets of Shelburne Falls. Sadly, they’re long gone, so come for the poetry, the cream puffs, and the glorious summer weather. I forgot to mention that: we’re at the height of summer perfection. How can you resist?

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