Squam 2015; Reserve your Spot!

60_428_428_sarahsousa_poetry_class_web The Squam Arts Retreat schedule is up for June 2015. The dates are June 4-7. My workshop: The Found Poetry Project takes place both days, two different classes. We’ll read poems defined by their writers as ‘found, do loads of writing prompts that utilize found images and text, create erasure poetry and palimpsest; we’ll wander around the woodsy Squam grounds (feels like a 1930s summer camp) gathering material both literal and figurative for our poems, and end with making those mini magnetic poetry kits I wrote about in my last post. This won’t be an academic workshop. My aim is to utilize prompts to get us all to that wildly creative place many people enter when they’re playing around with paints or clay, but seem to have trouble entering through words. You’ll go home with several of your own poems in your notebook and the tools to keep writing, to continue looking around you for the material of poetry. The schedule allows each participant to take two workshops over the few days of classes. The first day, a Thursday, is a full day of one class, with lunch in between the sessions. Friday morning is free-stare-at-the-lake time, Friday afternoon is the first session of your second class choice and Saturday morning is the second session. So, keep that in mind while you’re looking at the schedule. You can choose two things! And there’s a lot to choose from. My good friend Beth Miller is teaching modern heirloom rug hooking. She’s a Maine hooker (had to get that in, rug hookers love it when you call them ‘hookers’) with a great design sense. The Squam community is so unabashedly creative, fun, and supportive. There’s a limit of 15 participants per class day so they fill up super quick. Be sure to check out some photos of Squam while you’re on the website. The lake is backed up to some beautiful mountains, and there are those great iconic docks all around it. You’ll get home and realize you have about 100 pictures of that scene. In other news. The folks at the Massachusetts Review have nominated my poem ‘Her Moods Caused Owls’ for a Pushcart Prize. The poem ran in their fall 2014 issue. My last Pushcart nomination was years ago. I definitely wasn’t expecting this one, so, thank you to the decision-makers at Mass Review. Everyone keep their fingers crossed.

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