The Sun That Doesn’t Warm
















In my four decades of New England winters I have learned one thing- the only cure for cabin fever is to get outside. I’m not talking a mad dash from car to steamy-windowed local cafe with its comforting sounds of milk frothing. I mean an honest-to-goodness, bundled up, embracing the elements walk, a nature walk in single degree temperatures with wind, a walk that will numb your face but warm up the rest of you. Call it exercise (your body does get an extra workout just trying to keep warm) call it communing with nature. I call it the last resort. After a string of cloudy, morose days of half-hearted walks, this morning dawned brilliantly sunny and, as if that wasn’t enough, sparkly! The trees looked as though they’d been set upon with glitter. Each branch was furred with good-sized ice crystals and the sun wasn’t melting anything soon. I took my camera out and tried to capture some of the dazzle. I’m a point and shoot kind of photographer, any cool angles are the result of my own contortions in the quest for the perfect photo. I bent, squatted, leaned, fell (not so gracefully) and skidded around on back and  stomach. After an hour of truly communing with snow and ice my face and fingers were numb, my hat missing, my lungs maybe damaged from crystallization, but I’d made some crazy looking snow angels and my cabin fever was gone.

8 thoughts on “The Sun That Doesn’t Warm

  1. Ahh you captured some very beautiful winter moments..gorgeous photos. If you can imagine, today here in California I applied sunscreen and had the A/C on in my car..I DO crave seasons..this much sun can’t be healthy.
    Enjoy the stillness of winter while you have it..looks as if you are!

    • When I get fed up with winter I consider relocating to a winterless state, but I’d probably feel lost without the change of seasons, end up in some biological-driven existential crisis. The sun coming off the snow can be more damaging than the summer sun I’ve read, so it’s sunscreen all the time around here.

  2. Beautiful pictures Sarah. I love the change of seasons here in Pennsylvania. We haven’t had too much snow this Winter so I’m hoping for a good Noreaster at some point. You’ve captured the lovely winter landscape with these pictures.

  3. I understand that Sarah….you need a little greenhouse to start your seedlings and plants, or maybe you already have one. Our weather forecast for the weekend is a Noreaster, so I think I’m getting my wish. I have my grandbabies this weekend, so we’ll batten down the hatches and have all kinds of fun.

    • yes, we’ve considered a little greenhouse, but I think it’s the whole gardening experience I pine for. You mustn’t live too far from me because we’re getting a Noreaster this weekend too! Have fun with the little ones.

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