2015 Anne Halley Poetry Prize

MR 5503 Cover 180px 72 dpi left

Good News. The editors of The Massachusetts Review have awarded me the 2015 Anne Halley Poetry Prize for two poems they published in last fall’s issue, above. Part of the prize package includes a reading at Amherst Books in Amherst, MA; just up the road, I might add, from Emily Dickinson’s house. Because my newest collection Split the Crow has just been published (it really has, more news to come soon) and I need to launch that thing, we’re combining my Mass Review reading and my book launch to create a kind of poetry extravaganza. Also, the poems published in the above Massachusetts Review issue are in the collection. The launch/reading will happen at the end of March, I’ll post on my events page when I make my book announcement and unveil the cover. You all might want to buy the book just for the cover, soooo beautiful. I hope I do it justice.  I’ll link to the fabulous artist in the announcement post. I want to thank Ellen Dore Watson: poet, editor of the Massachusetts Review and blurber of my book, for suggesting we combine the prize reading and launch. It’s kind of a dream come true.

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