Transcribed Interview in Tethered by Letters


This interview I did with the online journal Tethered by Letters last spring was originally a recorded phone interview over a very bad connection. This is the transcription, with hints of the bad connection. There are a few wacky mistakes: I don’t think I’ve ever said ‘jesus!’ in conversation, I most likely said ‘Jeeze’, and the Berkshire Women’s Writer’s Festival is mistakenly referred to as ‘booksheers’. Interviewer Alison Augur is going to go in and fix that one up. That being said, our conversation was one of the more in depth interviews I’ve done, about writing poetry, motherhood, compiling and publishing a collection and the heartbreak of submitting work for years and years with little return. So, if you imagine I’m speaking my answers, not writing them down, we’ll be just fine!

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