Review of Split the Crow in Tishman Review


Update** Well, I actually sent a copy of Split the Crow for review and completely forgot about it! Thanks to Jennifer Porter for pointing this out. The Tishman Review didn’t know, however, that I was a Bennington alumna so my absentmindedness alerted them to that.

An interesting and thoughtful review by J. Adam Collins in Bennington’s Tishman Review. I got my MFA from the Bennington Writing Seminars, so Tishman must have gotten wind of my new book. Funny how reviewers can sometimes pick up on things happening in the poetry that I never saw myself. Example: “But Sousa does not only give voice to the suppressed. To the majority, the oppressor, and the complicit she warns against excessive reparations ‘sometimes resembling anemic condolence, / sometimes largesse.'” Yes, yes! I didn’t consciously intend that, but then, I don’t approach poetry at the conscious level until a little later in the game. Thank you J. Adam Collins and Tishman Review.

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