Tethered by Letters Writing Contests; Deadline August 31


A celebrity again! I will be the poetry judge for Tethered by Letters annual summer literary contest. Deadline is August 31st. Flash fiction and longer short stories are also accepted. Prize money is involved. Tethered by Letters has kinda been my biggest fan:)  They ran a review of my first collection, featured my poems, and invited me to mentor in the forums. All great experiences! Both the journal and website are pretty visually meticulous and they’ve made a real effort lately to bring poetry into the fold. Try your luck. I know, I know, there can only be one winner, but, cry me a river, I got three rejections in one day this week. If you don’t win, we can commiserate.

3 thoughts on “Tethered by Letters Writing Contests; Deadline August 31

  1. Hi Sarah,
    Would this be a conflict of interest if I entered this contest since you just edited my chapbook ms?

    • Robin,
      Thanks for asking ahead of time. In general it’s a conflict because I’ve worked with you, but if you submit poems I have never seen I don’t think it would be. I’m the final judge, so I’ll only get 25 finalist poems winnowed down by first readers. Also, they will be anonymous. If you submit just don’t send any poems within the 25 I worked on.

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