Amherst Poetry Festival Events


I will be taking part in the Amherst Poetry Festival in two events on October 3rd and 4th. First off, on October 3rd from 3:45-4:45 I’ll be on the panel “From Zero to One: First Books and What We Wish We’d Known” along with Amy Dryansky, Susan Kan, Karen Skolfield and Michelle Valois. We’ve held this panel at both The Berkshire Festival of Women Writers and the Massachusetts Poetry Festival. Moderator Karen Skolfield has also conducted the panel, with different participants, at AWP.  The panel will be held at the Jones Library Woodbury Room on Amity Street.

On October 4th I’ll be leading the ‘Found Poetry Workshop’ (a shorter version of the one I taught at Squam Arts Retreats) from 2:15-3:45, also at the Jones Library Woodbury Room on Amity Street. The workshop is heavy on prompts with optional sharing of one or two prompt-generated pieces at the end.

The festival lasts 4 days and is filled with readings, workshops, lectures and wacky poetry fun like poetry tarot and the annual poetry marathon where participants read Emily Dickinson’s poems (relay-style) non-stop for days!

Book Review


Thanks to David Marx for reviewing Split the Crow on his book review blog. He makes a case for the universality of the poems despite their particular focus on North American history, and even finds a correlation between the Removal of Choctaw from Mississippi and the Syrian refugee crisis. Thanks for giving the book thoughtful consideration David.