Gifts for Literary Types

91t9fmsO+cL._SL1500_.jpg Keyboard Door Mat

It’s that time of year: the literary Christmas gift round up! I’ve scoured the internet and chosen about a dozen literary gift ideas for the writer or book nerd in your life. Why get your budding transcendentalist a copy of Walden when you can get her a copy of Walden made into a clock!



Great Female Authors Umbrella


Walden Clock 






Literary Casual Wear

type-write-wallet-15511-p[ekm]250x250[ekm].jpgTypewriter Wallet



Harry Potter Slytherin Collection



The Amazing Story Generator 



Personal Library Kit



Jane Austen Mug


Embossing Seal


Building Stories


Old Books Scented Candle


and…lastly, a creation of my own: the official Emily sticker….


What Would Emily Do?

I think we should all ask ourselves this question several times a day. There would be much less strife in the world if we all did what Emily would have done: bake gingerbread, tend the hothouse exotics, repurpose scraps of paper for our poems, take a walk through the fields saying very little, save our rages for the page.


6 thoughts on “Gifts for Literary Types

  1. This is a great list Sarah. I do have my very own budding transcendentalist. She would love all of these gifts I’m sure. Can you believe our dear sunshine girl, Asha Soleil, is now 15? I read her first serious thesis-centered literary comparison yesterday and was thrilled to see the depth of her reflection on the works and her skill with writing. Hope you and the boys are cozy this holiday season!

  2. Tobias just turned 16, Sebastian 18! Crazy. Has Asha looked at the book The Metaphysical Club? Tobias is reading it for a filmmaking intensive he’s doing. It looks like a fairly dry read, but is about pragmatism and trancsendentalism in New England with history of the abolitionist movement thrown in. She might like it. So glad to hear you guys are well. Have a wonderful Christmas.

    • That is CRAZY (16 &18?!?!!) Asha thinks of Sebastian and Tobias often and has written letters to them about once a year until about a year ago…letters that she failed to send, sadly! She always is curious about the big boys they’ve become. She considers them like brothers in her memories from that time in her life. We would love to hear more! Email me privately if you’d like to connect. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas too.

  3. I can send you some pics. Are we ‘friends’ on FB? I just posted photos for their birthdays, and they’re on FB too. I think of Asha as a little blond energy bomb. How is Aria? I only knew her as a baby.

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