Queen of Cups


I’ve been kicking around the idea of starting a lit. mag for a while; most writers probably do. And as much as I love a physical, bound copy of a book, the logistics of printing and distributing regular issues, finding subscribers, asking for money, etc etc is a little daunting, likewise for creating a flashy website and announcing to the world that I’m starting the next big online venue for the most promising, most daring new literature. BIG is not really my style. Enter TinyLetter. TinyLetter is a newsletter platform, related to Mailchimp, that allows users to send simple, laid-back news directly to subscribers’ inboxes. It’s often used for self or business promotion, but that’s not our goal here. The platform is free, subscribing is free, and thus my great idea was born. A tiny idea with a big name. Queen of Cups is a mini lit mag (at least it will be very soon) delivered through the TinyLetter platform. Subscribers will receive a morsel of new literature: poetry, micro fiction and micro non fiction weekly in their inboxes. Each issue will feature the work of one writer, though the format may change over time. It’s as simple as that! And I’m aiming to keep it short and sweet: one to three short poems or one piece of micro fiction or non fiction, literature that can be read in a sitting, and gone back to at the reader’s convenience. Did I mention this is free? Subscribe here or by clicking the image above. You can unsubscribe at any time. I also need your work! I’m looking for submissions of 1-3 poems that would be, in a document, each under one page, and fiction and non fiction submissions of under 500 words. Submit your work, with a short bio, to queenofcupsmag@gmail.com . By the way, the Queen of Cups tarot card symbolizes intuition, spirituality and psychic mysteries. She is all about magical energy and deep spiritual connection. She is of the water element, AND, see that cup she’s holding? She made it herself.